KOTM – Motorsport South Africa calls for an investigation

December 1, 2008 - 3 Responses

Motorsport South Africa calls for an investigation

Motorsport South Africa (MSA) commissioned an investigation after two separate accidents yesterday during the King of the Mountain Gydo Hill Climb in the Ceres area in which spectators were injured.

The event was an MSA sanctioned event and the necessary permissions were obtained from both the Provincial and Local Traffic authorities, who were also in attendance at the event. The public all tar road up the Gydo Mountain Pass was closed to the public for the duration of the race, which stretched over 6.5km.

In the first incident a Chev Lumina Bakkie allegedly lost control, rolled and one spectator, Cecilia Hubering (23) sustained injuries and was transported to the Ceres Private Hospital and transferred to Durbanville Medi-Clinic.

In the second incident it appeared that another Chev Lumina Bakkie lost control and collided with spectators standing at the exit of a corner. Seven people were injured. Six who sustained minor injuries were taken to Ceres Provincial hospital and has subsequently been discharged.

Sheryl-Lee Isaacs (20) however sustained serious injuries and is still in the Tygerberg Provincial Hospital.

The event organized by the Witzenberg Motor Club was held under the auspices of MSA and had the full blessing of the local Department of Transport and Public Works who had traffic officers in attendance at the event.

Mrs Beaulah Schoeman, the Managing Director of Motorsport South Africa, expressed her deepest sympathy with the injured spectators and the two women still in hospital and wished them a speedy recovery.

Once all relevant post-event documentation has been received and perused, MSA will be in a better position to comment and will issue a media release once the investigation has been completed.

Safety for both competitors and spectators remain of paramount importance to MSA and the controlling body of the sport will continue to insist on the highest possible safety measures being in place at all its sanctioned events.


Service without a smile – Carte Blanche – 16.11.08

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I watched Carte Blanche last night and they had one of the most interesting stories about Car Servies in South Africa, I was really horrified to see what Dealers get upto, specially been the big dawgs!!!

So for more info if you interested, have a read and look!

Service without a smile – Carte Blanche – 16.11.08

Ever taken your car for a service and found it had clocked 220km in an 80km zone? Or ploughed nose first into a wall when you believed it was safely at the garage? Or has a car dealer sent armed guards round to relieve you of your courtesy car in the dead of night? Carte Blanche investigates some less than joyful rides.

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Does your ride need some TLC before the Summer Rush?

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Irate 4×4 owners may take Toyota to court

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By Michelle Jones

Frustrated Toyota Fortuner owners say they are battling to resolve their vehicles’ handling problems on gravel roads and continue to have problems communicating with dealers.

Some are so unhappy they are considering taking legal action against Toyota SA.

Fortuner owners have for months complained on online forum 4x4community.co.za about their vehicles “fishtailing” or “wandering” on gravel roads.

Toyota SA said in September stability control mechanisms and specifically developed tyres were to be fitted to new model Fortuners in an effort to avert handling problems.

The new tyre had a harder sidewall and changed belt angle to perform better off-road, said Toyota SA spokesperson Ferdi de Vos.

But as a result there would be a harsher ride and more noise on tar roads.

Before the Fortuner was launched, Toyota’s research showed the vehicle would be used predominately as a city vehicle, 90 percent on road and only 10 percent off-road.

“Therefore Toyota specified the vehicle with tyres that were more suitable for on-road than off-road conditions,” said De Vos.

Continental General Grabber 265/70/16 were the original tyres fitted on the Fortuner.

If an older model Fortuner owner wanted to replace the tyres, Toyota SA would work out who was liable for the cost according to a formula taking into account factors such as tyre wear at the time of replacement.

This would be negotiated between the dealer and owner, said De Vos.

A few members of the forum complained they had received unsatisfactory service from their dealers who appeared not to know the details of the handling problem.

But De Vos said dealers were aware of the process to follow and Toyota was confident that if customers adhered to the process, they would receive good service.

“All Toyota dealers have been informed of this tyre specification and have received a bulletin outlining the process to be followed if a request for the new spec tyre is received from a concerned owner.”

But he stressed that the original tyre, which met all technical and quality requirements, was still the best option for owners who drove mostly on tarred roads.

Toyota SA said it had not approved any suspension systems for fitting to a vehicle once it had been bought, although it recognised that Old Man Emu systems were the best to choose.

Toyota would not be responsible for these costs as they were not approved parts.

Some forum members, since changing their tyres and upgrading their suspension systems, had not experienced the handling problem.

But other members were not satisfied with the explanation of tyres and suspension responsible for handling problems and had mentioned getting together to sue Toyota for all damages and expenses incurred.

Said one members’ post on the forum: “It may also be possible for all complainants to join in a class action civil claim to force Toyota to take reasonable preventative steps.”

Toyota SA felt they had been open about the issue and had “gone to great lengths to assist concerned owners”.

“We have done so as a gesture of goodwill, and therefore fail to see any reason or grounds for legal action,” said De Vos.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on November 04, 2008

Carmods.co.za – Launches Beta 1.01

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After 7 years of passion in the car modification world, Bruce Carlstein of Carmods.co.za decided to re-launch Carmods.co.za with a different online platform.  He did this in order to assist current and future Car Crazy Lovers, all of whom have the same passion for “Car Modding”, by bringing them together under one online portal.

The original idea behind carmods.co.za was to be a unique car club and was one of the very first in SA to build a small online community for passionate SA car enthusiasts. After 4 months of planning and setup, they decided to pull the plug due to time and focus on other media projects. In the mean time, South Africa has seen some SUPER car clubs and communities being formed but 7 years later carmods.co.za is back with another focus…

Our new focus is to assist these communities with the correct purchases by providing them with the best brands, stores, products and service’s, all at the click-of-a-mouse.  This will empower SA car enthusiasts to follow their passions.  Now, they can complete their car projects and dreams under the guidance of a South African Car Modification Network.

Carmods.co.za currently has a few of SA’s top Brands/ Stores & Service Centres onboard.  We are doing our utmost to build this client base in order to make life easier when planning your dream ride! 
We also have a list of premium “partners” (one per niche market) that can assist YOU, the car enthusiast, with the best offers available. 

www.carmods.co.za for further information

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